Sahnecremiges Lachen

A Creamy Smile   | My New World

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Writer: Farhad Hasanzadeh

Illustrator: Sina Pakzad Kasra

Format: Hardcover,

Number of pages: 24 pages


Age: 7 to 14 years

Illustration: Full color

Genre: Children’s Book

Language: German

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9783911036009



In this story, Farhad Hasanzadeh has touched on a unique topic: One of those sweet events, like everyday pranks of boys at school! The story goes like this: a boy secretly eats his friend’s birthday cake at school, during the break. Later, he finds out that the police have come to their school. He is worried and thinks the police have come to arrest him; However, he has no idea what comes next!

More about this book :

This story belongs to the collection of My New World.
Making and keeping friendship is an everyday life challenge. Friends prevent child loneliness and offer children sufficient companionship, too. Friendship increases a sense of belonging and purpose. And more importantly, it reduces children’s social stress. Making friends is a social skill which also helps children develop, and sort out conflicts and problems. Children with such important skills are less likely to have social and emotional difficulties. The present story tells us how to keep and strengthen friendships and be honest with one another. When you can count on each other, it means that the relationship has become a true friendship. Having trust and confidence in a friend is one of the most important requirements of a strong relationship.


About the author : Farhad Hasanzadeh was born in 1962. He is one of the famous and popular writers for children and youth in Iran, whose fame has reached other countries and his books have been translated into foreign languages ​​​​too. He has won many book awards, including several Iran’s Book of the Year Awards. He was the Iranian nomination for the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2017 and 2018. He was a runner-up in the Hans Christian Andersen Award in 2018 and finally received the diploma in the award ceremony in Athens, Greece. His novel Hasti has won several awards: winner in the Festival that teens judged, the Silver Sign Award of the Flying Turtle Festival and the best book of the year on behalf of Children’s Book Council. He was among the top six writers selected for Hans Christian Andersen award and brought his appreciation plate back to his home country of Iran. In June 2022, he was nominated to receive the 2023 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award.

About the illustrator : Sina Pakzad Kasra is a concept artist and illustrator working in the film, animation, and video game industry. 

He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in ‚Graphic Design‘. While working on animation projects, he decided to continue with his post-graduate studies and earned a master’s degree in ‚Animation‘. 

Studying in this new field sparked his interest in learning about the principles and foundations of filmmaking, which has helped him create more narrative artwork. 

His artworks have been featured in prestigious publications such as „Spectrum 25: The Best in Contemporary Fantastic Art“, „Digital Art Masters: Volume 9“, and „Prime – The Definitive Digital Art Collection“. 

Parallel to his career in the entertainment industry, he is pursuing his strong passion for fine arts and is looking forward to future exhibitions to showcase his personal work.


Key Selling Points
1. We show how gift-giving is important in relationships. In virtually every culture, gifts and the events at which they are exchanged are a crucial part of the essential process of creating and maintaining social relationships.
2. A fresh look at “kindness,” and “respect to other cultures” with miraculous illustrations.
3. Uniquely designed to allow children to find themselves in each page; it is an empowering book for both adults and children who normally hold marginalized identities in societies.
4. A professional resource to help parents, teachers, therapists, and etc. begin to introduce, explore and address this idea: how to make and keep a friendship.
5. Making and keeping friendships, teaching forgiveness, and social emotional learning