Long term programs:

Funding the tuition of graduate students in literature and art

  • Funding graduate Iranian or Persian-speaking girl students starting their education in Literature (or majoring in Children’s Literature)
  • Funding graduate Iranian and Persian-speaking students majoring in art (graphic design; illustration)

Publishing books and indexing research materials

  • Publishing empowering books for children and young adults
  • Indexing academic papers in humanities, ie, children’s literature, art and majors related to publishing industry
  • Supporting young writers, translators, and illustrators in publishing their works
  • Projects related to international publishing industry: Introducing and cooperating with publishers and institutions active in literature from around the world


Short term programs:

  • Holding online conferences in humanities, specifically in literature and art
  • Organizing Masterclasses in topics related to literature and art with authentic certificates
  • Holding Daarvak Literary Festival
  • Organizing workshops in topics related to art, literature and publishing industry for different age groups
  • Holding online novel or play reading sessions with students and instructors or whoever interested in literature in different languages ​​(Persian, English, French and German)
  • Organizing storytelling sessions for children
  • Holding talks in literature, sociology, psychology, all related to children and young adults for parents, librarians, teachers, facilitators and those who are related to the younger generation in one way or another