Daarvak Literature Department(DLiD)

Germany is one of the largest and most important countries in the publishing industry in Europe and all over the world. Every year there are many large exhibitions and programs in the field of books and publishing in this country.

“Daarvak Literature Department .DLiD” is one of the independent subunits of “Daarvak International Publishing,” based in Germany. We, at the “Daarvak Literature Department,” collaborate with several other entities to create a powerful international chain of scientific, literary, and practical activities in the field of publishing and literature, involving publishers, sociologists, psychologists, authors, translators, editors, artists, and all fields related to the publishing industry and literature through innovative methods.

The policy of the “Daarvak Literature Department” will specifically focus on children’s and young adult literature starting in 2023, with activities commencing after the Frankfurt Book Fair in mid-November (though there will also be special programs for adult literature in the near future). In this regard, we aim to promote cultural interaction, cultural coexistence, and peace through new and indirect means for children worldwide, with a focus on Germany as our central point, based on the “Convention on the Rights of the Child” adopted by the United Nations General Assembly on November 20, 1989.

Our main goal is to emphasize the importance of specialized relationships in the world of literature and book production for children, adolescents, and even adults. This requires the collaboration of individuals with expertise in psychology, sociology, alongside creative writers and intelligent artists. Publishers play a key role in creating a specialized and literary chain in the book production process. We, at the “Daarvak Literature Department,” are striving to achieve this essential endeavor.



  • Establish a multi-dimensional communication bridge between publishers worldwide, centered in Germany.
  • Identify and introduce authors and artists from around the world.
  • Foster scientific and practical connections between authors, psychologists, sociologists, and artists.
  • Organize academic and practical relationships between universities and the publishing industry.
  • Identify and introduce talented young authors and artists to the publishing industry.
  • Publish valuable literary works.


Membership and Benefits of “Daarvak Literature Department”:

  • Free participation in the series of international online conferences by “Daarvak Literature Department.” Conferences will commence after the Frankfurt Book Fair, from mid-November to December, with the participation of authors, publishers, experts in children’s and young adult literature (complete information will soon be made available to member publishers).
  • Publication and indexing of books and selected works of member publishers in the department’s seasonal bulletin, distributed throughout Europe and other parts of the world.
  • Introduction of selected authors, illustrators, translators, and experts in children’s and young adult literature by member publishers and agencies.
  • Invitation to member publishers and literary agencies for the organization of specialized seasonal and annual book conferences and sessions at universities and cultural institutions in Germany and other European locations.
  • Invitation and organization of specialized workshops in illustration and art related to children’s and young adult literature, featuring artists recommended by member publishers and agencies.
  • Review and analysis of best-selling and special works by member publishers in the “Daarvak Literature Department.”
  • Allocation of a dedicated panel for each publisher, categorizing and branching publishers for the presentation of regional culture and literature on the “Daarvak Literature Department” platform.
  • Organization of periodic festivals and exhibitions in Europe, specifically for member publishers and literary agencies.
  • Indexing of specialized articles and research by scholars, professors, and students related to children’s and young adult literature, art, psychology, and child sociology.
  • Special support for independent authors, researchers, and artists (illustrators and designers).



  1. Publishers
  2. Independent Authors
  3. Independent Artists (Illustrators, Graphic Designers)
  4. Independent Translators
  5. Independent Editors
  6. Journalists
  7. Researchers and University Professors
  8. Students in publishing-related fields
  9. Honorary Members