Davood Khazaie, born in Iran in 1973, His doctoral dissertation at Osnabrück University, Germany, titled „Human Frailties and Faculties: Social Relationships in English, Persian and German Folktales,“ was published in 2019. A prominent member of the Shiraz University Center for Children’s Literature Studies (SUCCLS), Khazaie has contributed extensively to the comparative study of folktales and fairy tales, children’s literature, translation studies, Persian classical literature, and Renaissance literature and art. He has recently completed the pioneering “Critical Dictionary of Children’s Literature” in Persian, set to publish in 2025, featuring around 200 essays on key terms of the field. Since 2008, Khazaie has also served as the international curator for Pashmin Art Consortia, where he has organized numerous global museum exhibitions and edited over 20 art books. His essays on contemporary artists are featured in art magazines across English, German, French, and Chinese languages, showing his wide-reaching contribution to the global art discourse. Beginning in December 2022, he has been offering his insights on contemporary artists through lectures, soon to be featured on his YouTube channel, @ArtisticLiteratus. His work explores the complexities of cultural narratives, establishing him as a pivotal figure bridging cultures and academic fields.