Samuel and the Tricky Giant Bubble

Samuel and the Tricky Giant Bubble | My New World 

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Writer: Akram Iranshahi

Illustrator: Shadi vedaei

Format: Hardcover,

Number of pages: 24 pages


Age: 7 to 14 years

Illustration: Full color

Genre: Children’s Book

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9783911036078



A child named “Samuel” becomes obsessed with washing, and this obsession gradually makes his relationships with his classmates narrower.

More about this book :

This story is taken from the collection (My New World).
Subject: Obsession in children
Any disease, either physical or psychological is small and ineffective at the beginning, but gets bigger and more serious, if it is ignored.
In this story, obsession is shown in a fantasy way in a bubbled shape which at the beginning is small but later turns into a giant shape. As Samuel’s obsessive-compulsive disorder progresses, this creature grows larger, to the point where it surrounds him and takes away his ability to do things, like walking in the rain. After this incident, Samuel’s mother takes him to a psychologist so that he faces his fear of obsession.
Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children usually comes with unwanted thoughts which cause them to do behavior frequently that they feel they have to do because of these thoughts. This disorder always interferes with their activities and makes them very isolated. Parents have to take it seriously and consult with a psychologist.


About the author : Akram Iranshahi, born in 1978, is graduated from Tehran University. She is a university lecturer and writer for children and adolescents. She has written many beautiful stories for children and teenagers. Her areas of interest in writing are about children’s behavior, conduct problems in children and sensitivity education.

About the illustrator: Shadi Vedaei was born in Isfahan, and she is an illustrator and designer. She is very interested in the field of illustration and has done many projects of illustration professionally. She works with local and foreign publishers. She has been selected in several international illustrators‘ competitions: The Children-spectators Bologna in Italy; Cow International illustration Biennale, Ukraine; Illustrators Wall, Bologna, Italy; Belgrade International Book Fair, Serbia, Belgrade.


Key Selling Points
1. A professional resource to help parents, teachers, therapists, and etc. begin to introduce, explore and address this idea: how to make and keep a friendship.
2. Obsession in children, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) in children, the significant role of a counseling psychologist, understanding children’s problems.