Wenn die Sonne vom Himmel fällt

When the sun falls from the sky / My new world

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Writer: Gudrun Wiebke

Illustrator: Maryam Andaz

Format: Hardcover,

Number of pages: 36 pages


Age: 5 to 10 years

Illustration: Full color

Genre: Children’s Book

Language: German

Publication date: 2023

ISBN: 9783911036061



Safala, an octopus, invites children to a very special practical event in an old theater. She will share images of children whose body language conveys strong emotions with her young audience, without admission for adults. The common theme is that “no child here is fine.”


More about this book :

This story is part of the collection «My New World»
Understanding and recognizing children’s emotions have always been a concern for families, teachers, and adults. Helping children understand how they feel, how they should react, and how to express those emotions are some of the key focuses of this book.
The title «When the Sun Falls from the Sky» can be interpreted as follows: if you’re upset and things aren’t going your way, do you make an effort to resolve them and how?
This isn’t just a book to be read out loud; it’s a book that invites you to watch, think, and participate. It’s intended for children aged 5 to 10, but its themes are engaging for a wide range of age groups. Many of the illustrations aren’t strictly childlike, making it appealing to older children as well.
The images and characters in this book are chosen from various cultures to ensure they are universally relatable and comprehensible to children worldwide. Alongside the main theme, it indirectly promotes concepts such as cultural coexistence, cultural understanding, and peace among children.
The book delves into “emotions” and attempts to help children understand and name their feelings. As you examine the images, you’ll quickly realize that feelings like fear are the basis for many other emotions. Understanding this mix of emotions and fears can be beneficial for children to find a way to surface from their emotional depths.
Adapting an event for children on this subject is relatively difficult. This is why Mrs. Safala is precisely the right person for the job. She has a somewhat capricious demeanor, doesn’t always keep her tentacles under control, speaks more bluntly than she thinks, and sometimes makes children laugh with her behavior. Yet, she possesses deep knowledge that she occasionally shares with children without revealing any moral preachings.


About the author: Gudrun Wiebke, born in Detmold, grew up in northern Germany between the Jade Bay, the North Sea and the mouth of the Weser. Since then she has loved the water, green pastures and, above all, the black and white spotted cows. She worked in various jobs, starting as a teacher, then as a postman, editor, … before she turned to writing. After many years she moved back to Detmold.

She writes for adults and children because for her old and young, big and small, form a whole. Because: Without adults, there are no children. Without children there is no future.

She has a husband, two adult sons and four granddaughters. The children, who are still small, give her a lot of joy, but they also sometimes worry her when she has to realize that being a child is not always easy.


Maryam Andaz was born in Tehran in 1988, where she studied graphics and built her reputation as a media designer. She has lived in Germany since 2016 and works as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director. She dedicates her heart and soul to her art, with one of her great passions being drawing. She prefers to work with reduced linework in order to approach her projects on an emotional level and thus give them the necessary depth. At the center of her art is the human being, often in combination with humor. In the field of illustration, she has carried out many art and illustration projects. She is currently working with various publishers. She is a member of the Iranian Community of Illustrators and winner of the Bologna Prize in the illustration competition.